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How do I share or request the Quickshare album?

QuickShare is a PLUS function that gives you access to a HUNQZ' or ROMEO's special private album for a limited time: 60 minutes. With a PLUS account, you have unlimited requests, although you can only send a request to the same user once per 24 hours.The access is not guaranteed but depends on the wishes of the requested user.

To request access to someone’s QuickShare album, just open the user’s profile and scroll to the picture album area. Click on the QuickShare folder and then select “Request access”. The other user will receive a message with your request and you will see “Access requested” on his profile.
If the user grants access you will get a message that you have access to the user’s QuickShare folder. Just click on “View pictures” and from this moment on you can view the user’s album as often as you want within 60 minutes.

If you want to share your own folder with another user, start a chat with him and click on the “Share” button to the left of the text field. Here you can select “Share QuickShare album” and as soon as you click on it, the other user can see your QuickShare album for 60 minutes after they open your granted access.
Alternatively, you can share your Quickshare with a user, opening his profile and tapping/clicking on the icon with the lightning.

If someone sends you a QuickShare request, you will get a message saying: “Can I see your QuickShare pictures”? If you want to grant the user access, click on “Share”, if not click on “Dismiss”. After granting access you will get a confirmation that you have done so successfully.


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