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How do I link a profile?

As a PLUS HUNQZ, you can link other HUNQZ profiles so that they'll be publicly visible on yours. In order to do that, a request needs to be sent by one HUNQZ and accepted by the other. ROMEO profiles can not be linked to HUNQZ profiles.

To publicly link a HUNQZ, open it » click the 'Contact' icon on the profile (man with a cogwheel) » activate 'add as friend' » click 'Save contact'.
To accept a link request, open the automatic message you received » click 'Respond to Link Request' » click 'FRIEND REQUEST' and again on the green check mark. If clicking on 'Respond to Link Request' doesn't sort any effect, it is because the requester withdrew his link request in the meantime.
To unlink a profile click the 'Contact' icon on the profile (man with a cogwheel) > deactivate 'add as friend'. Alternatively remove it from your CONTACT clicking on the trash-bin icon on the top-right corner.

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