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How do I manage my contacts?

With a PLUS subscription you can save ROMEOs and HUNQZ.

To save a user open his profile » click the icon 'Save as contact' in the vertical bar » select the options how you would like to save the profile » you can enter a note in the text field 'Add note' that will be shown next to the contact » you can add a label (make a new one or select an existing one) » click 'Save contact'. Notes help you remember that profile (for example: the gardener, the guy with two cats, etc) and labels group up different profiles (gym buddies, neighbours, co-workers, ...) so that you can find them more easily. To select or remove a label click on the 'Messages' icon (speech bubble) in the top menu » CONTACTS » expand the drop down menu and click on the label to find all profiles with that label or click on the X to remove it.
To find your saved contacts (which includes also your ROMEOs favourites, blocked, friends/linked, personally known and HUNQZ), click on the 'Messages' icon (speech bubble 💬) in the top menu » CONTACTS.
To edit a saved contact click on his profile name » edit the contact’s options or block/unblock it.
To delete a saved contact click on his profile name » click on the trash-bin icon on the top-right corner.

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