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How do I use the Travel feature?

The TRAVEL function allows you to explore other places allowing you to search and to be found in the desired location without having to move your profile position.

Open the 'TRAVEL' icon (aeroplane) » click on '+ Add destination' » click on the map to set the 'location pin' (upside down teardrop) where you'd like to explore, or enter the location name in the text field » click 'Explore'. With PLUS, you can explore and be seen in a maximum of 5 locations at the same time. Switch easily between results by clicking on the location name. Click the 'X' to remove a location.

With a PLUS subscription you can also add travel dates and a brief headline to each location. As soon as you save the location with its travel date, your profile will also be shown at this location until the travel date has passed.
You can also use your saved filters, as well as sorting options, with the search results. Refresh results by pulling down the screen or click the location name.

Note: On smaller screens you find the TRAVEL function tapping on the sidebar menu icon ☰.

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