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How do I search for hashtags?

On you can search and filter profiles by hashtag.

Click the 'magnifying glass' icon (top-right) and type one or more hashtags (For example: #love #queer #gay): you'll find all profiles that contain one of more of these hashtags.

You can access the ROMEO and HUNQZ searches by clicking on the corresponding icons on top. In the tabs DISTANCE, NEW or ACTIVITY, it is possible to create more accurate hashtag filters by clicking the 'Slider' icon (top-left): in the text field on top you may type your hashtags and choose between 'Any' (all profiles with at least 1 hashtag), 'All' (all profiles with all the hashtags), 'Exact' (all profiles with all the hashtags, in the order you entered them).

One big benefit of using hashtags: when you visit a profile that contains hashtags in its text, you may click on one of them to have a list of all profiles containing that hashtag.

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